Brevard Art Museum Take Out Exhibition 2009 Installation
Knowledge to Gain 6.5x18 Mixed Media on Canvas 2010Purpose 5.75x24 Mixed Media on Paper 2010Pre-Mortal 5.5x16 Mixed Media on Paper 2010Poison 5.5x13.5 Mixed Media on Canvas 2010Zeppelin 6x13.5 Mixed Media on Paper 2010Four of  Kind 5.5x13.5 Mixed Media on paper 2010Untitled  22 x 29 Mixed Media on Paper 2009Untitled 14x19 Mixed Media on Paper 2007Untitled  14.5 x 19 Mixed Media on Paper 2009Untitled  14.5 x 19 Mixed Media on Paper 2009Unseen Inspiration 10-8x6 Mixed Media on Paper 2010Untitled  19x29 Mixed Media on Paper 2009In the Biginnig 11.25x19.5 Mixed Media on Paper 2010Dancing Days Ink on Paper 2007
cesar garcia
If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent van Gogh
Untitled 1/20 Edition Eching Drypoint Aquiatint Chine Colle 18x12  Paper 2008Rush of Blood Monoprint  7.5x11.5  Paper 2010Warning Sign II Monoprint 7.5x11.5 on  Paper 2010Warning Sing I Monoprint 7.5x11.5 on  Paper 2010In My Place Monotype 7.5x11.5 on Paper 2010Whisper II Monoprint  7.5x11.5 on 17.5x23.5 Paper 2010Smile upon your Face Monoprint  7.5x11.5 on Paper 2010Rush to the Head Monotype  7.5x11.5 on 17.5x23.5 Paper 2010
ARTCYCLE, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL 2015